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The commodification of the commonplace has become a running theme of the COVID-19 pandemic. Having made homebodies of us all, COVID-19 has created absurd rolling shortages, of flour, hair dye, and of course, toilet paper. This was the genesis of the ongoing work by the Rolls & Tubes Collective. In this work, each of the four artists has reinterpreted a known photograph in the arc of contemporary, and the history of photography, utilizing toilet paper as an element of the image.

My prior work has one thread throughout--to create work on known themes (Hurricane Katrina; Camping; Monument Removal) and examining anomalous margins of the prevailing story. I see this effort by Rolls & Tubes as very much in keeping with this thread. All of the artists in the collective may be seen in the link below.

Rolls & Tubes includes artists Christy McDonald, Colleen Mullins, Jenny Sampson, and Nicole White.