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Opening Day
Opening Day
Offset, letterpress
5" x 5" x .25" (closed)

Edition 500, co-published with Women's Studio Workshop, Rosendale, NY; ISBN 1-893125-04-1

14 pages on 100lb. Utopia Dull;
Colophon: Letterpress printed, Font: Times New Roman 10pt. black; Wrapper: Offset on Vellum

Price $25 + shipping

Artist statement:
This work uses two trips across the same bridge, fifty years apart, as the foundation of the stories—one side reminding my father who he was, and the other reminding him who I am.

My father and his family crossed Golden Gate Bridge on opening day in 1937, and he and I crossed on its fiftieth anniversary. Later in life, when dementia set in, he could remember vividly the first trip across, all those years earlier, but not our trip together. The imagery combines architectural plans, photography by both my father and me, and images of how people in nursing homes can die in restraints, to pull together this simple story of loss.

Using my father’s battle with dementia as a focus, I hope the viewer is reminded that our existence is our memory and the memories of those we love.