Book Works > Rolls and Tubes: A History of Photography


Book Details:
Artists: Christy McDonald, Colleen Mullins, Jenny Sampson and Nicole White
Essay: Corey Keller
Design: Bob Aufuldish
Publisher: R&T Press

Edition: 100
B&W and color photographs
5 x 7 | 40 cards + colophon with paper insert in a box
Signed and numbered by all four artists

ISBN: 978-0-578-88422-6

"Over the course of a year that demanded we think more critically about inclusion, the project became something far greater than the sum of its parts: a series of four individual artists’ interpretations of great works from the history of photography posted on Instagram merged into a collective reflection on the writing of that history itself. In selecting which works to re-create, share, and include in the final edit, the four artists made deliberate decisions to celebrate some of the best-known photographers’ work while also purposefully addressing the omissions in traditional narratives. Through close looking, meticulous work, critical reflection, and – most essentially – humor, the members of Rolls and Tubes managed to transform toilet paper into a creative lifeline for themselves and an utterly unexpected and generous lens onto the power of photographic images for the rest of us."

Excerpt from publication essay by Corey Keller
On a Roll: Unspooling the History of Photography