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[Emilie Mikkelsen's boys] verso
[Emilie Mikkelsen's boys] verso
Gelatin Silver Print (postcard)

This image was made at Aage Lefolii, Esbjerg, Denmark

The text reads:

"Dear brother in law and sister in law.
I send you a picture of the children, since you have not seen a photography of Jens Højberg.

I send a letter and a photograph to Marie. Would you be so kind to send it to her as soon as possible. I’ve promised her to let her know when the money arrived and she is probably waiting to know.

Kind regards, Emilie Mikkelsen

Ps: thank you for the letter we got from you."

Emilie Mikkelsen (born Højberg) lived in Cort Adlersgade 15A in Esbjerg (at least from 1918 to 1925), where she was married to fisherman, Markus Mikkelsen from Farup. Among other things, they had two sons, Hans (born 18-7-1918 in Esbjerg) and Jens Højberg Mikkelsen (born 10-4-1921 in Esbjurg - Zion parish). So the two boys in the picture are without a doubt Hans and Jens Højberg Mikkelsen.